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Emergency Dentist – Azle, TX 

Toothache? Broken Tooth? We Can Help!

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Although your initial instinct may be to go to the emergency room, they are typically not equipped or trained to handle this kind of situation. Unless bleeding lasts longer than 10 minutes or you have broken bones, give Rubal Dentistry Azle a call as soon as possible when a dental emergency occurs. We’ll do our best to see you on the same day and give you much-needed relief. We even recommend saving our dental office’s number in your phone. That way, you’re prepared in case the need for emergency dentistry in Azle, TX arises.

Why Choose Rubal Dentistry Azle for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Convenient Hours and Same-Day Appointments
  • We Accept All Dental Insurance
  • Patients of All Ages Welcome

How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Patient shaking hands with their dentist

  • As soon as you call our office to report a dental emergency, one of our team members will make sure that you are given the attention you need. This includes getting you scheduled for an emergency appointment, ideally the same day, but it also means providing first-aid tips to improve your situation ahead of your visit. We are open five days a week, available in the evening most days, and welcome walk-ins, so don’t put off care you need.
  • When you arrive, we’ll get you seen by either Dr. Frank or Jodie Rubal. They’ll perform a detailed exam of your mouth and confirm if further examination is needed to locate the source of your dental emergency.
  • Our team will work on a treatment plan that gets you out of discomfort as quickly as possible and prevents the emergency from coming back. Of course, the services we recommend to do this may vary and could include dental fillings, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, or another treatment.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

In most cases, your first move should be calling our Azle dental office right away. Dental emergencies come in all different types and forms, so it’s better to give us a call even if you’re not sure if you’re experiencing one. The last thing we want is for you to put off care you need. After all, time can be precious in a dental emergency.

Understanding the Cost of Emergency Dentistry

No one ever expects to have a dental emergency, but they are quite common. If you’re among the unlucky few who will experience one this year, you’ll need immediate care from your dentist. As with any emergency, time is of the utmost importance; however, if you’re like many people, you might hesitate to call your dentist because you’re concerned about the cost. Don’t let the fear of a large bill prevent you from getting the care you need. Our office provides affordable services, so you can restore your smile without breaking the bank.

Every Dental Emergency is Different

Our dedicated emergency dentists in Azle are here to help with everything from persistent toothaches to completely knocked-out teeth. As a result, no two treatments are exactly the same! When you arrive at our office, we will quickly eliminate your discomfort, take X-rays, and conduct a thorough oral exam. Then, we’ll share our findings and review your treatment options. Rest assured, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the price before intervening with the necessary care to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Fortunately, dental insurance providers often do cover a portion of the cost of emergency dental care! So, don’t hesitate to take a look at your dental plan and see what available benefits you have. Since the unfamiliar jargon on the paperwork can sometimes make it difficult, you’re always welcome to ask our Azle dental team for help too. We’re in-network with several popular providers, including Aetna, Delta Dental, and BlueCross BlueShield, which means that we not only have experience working with dental insurance companies, but we can also make the process of utilizing your coverage easy!

Other Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable

If you don’t have dental insurance and paying for the entire cost of your treatment at once would put a strain on your wallet, don’t hesitate to ask our team about the financial solutions we offer. For example, we are proud to welcome flexible financing through CareCredit, which is a trusted third-party financier that’s helped millions of patients over the years. All you have to do to space out your payments is choose the payment plan that fits your monthly budget best!

Taking Care Of Your Smile Can Save You Money

Some dental injuries are the result of accidents that simply can’t be avoided. With that said, extensive tooth decay, loose restorations, and the like sometimes can! With good oral hygiene habits (i.e., brushing twice a day, visiting us twice a year for a cleaning, and exercising caution with crunchy foods), you can keep your teeth and gums happy and healthy year after year. We also recommend taking added precautions, like not smoking and wearing a mouthguard when playing sports.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

illustration of a tooth next to a first-aid kit

No one ever expects a dental emergency to occur, but they happen more often than you might realize. Research shows that 1 in 6 Americans face an urgent oral health issue each year. Often, they strike without any warning or when you least expect it. Although you can’t fully prevent unplanned trips to your emergency dentist in Azle, here are a few tips to reduce your risk of one:

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

Smiling woman sitting in dental office

Even if you are diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth, it’s possible for plaque and tartar to build up between your teeth and along your gumline. Fortunately, the tools we have at our Azle dental office can gently clear away debris like this, helping keep your teeth strong and your gums healthy. Plus, the visual exam and X-rays ensure that cavities and other dental problems are detected and treated as soon as possible – before they result in a painful dental emergency.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene At Home

Man smiling at reflection while flossing his teeth

Keeping your smile healthy requires a commitment to a solid oral hygiene regimen at home. First, brush for a full two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste each morning and evening. Second, use your floss of choice to gently clean between your teeth daily. Third, rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash for 30-60 seconds. Together, these habits will remove food particles, prevent plaque buildup, and reduce your chances of needing last-minute emergency dental care.

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Woman smiling while eating fresh fruit at home

Soda, ice cream, and potato chips are just a few foods and drinks that you shouldn’t over-indulge in. After all, sugary and starchy items can dramatically increase your chances of developing oral health problems, like tooth decay and gum disease. Conversely, fresh fruit, lean protein, raw vegetables, and dairy products can help protect your teeth and gums from harm. In short, eating a well-balanced diet that’s packed with nutrient-dense foods can help protect your smile from a serious dental injury!

Wear a Mouthguard

Green and white mouthguard hanging from football player's helmet

Whether you are a professional athlete or you participate in sports simply for exercise, you need to wear a mouthguard during practices and games alike. In fact, you should even wear one if you skateboard, surf, or participate in another non-contact sport. That way, your teeth and gums are protected from harm if you accidentally fall! We also create custom mouthguards for patients who chronically clench their teeth due to stress or grind their teeth at night while they sleep.

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

Dentist smiling at patient's dental exam

Remember, your teeth aren’t tools. So, you shouldn’t use them to tear into plastic wrapping, hold your keys, remove a bottle cap, open a tube of mascara, or bite your nails. If you do, then you could wind up with a severely cracked, fractured, or otherwise damaged tooth.

Dental Emergency FAQ’s 

Woman in green shirt smiling while holding a phone

Are you still worried about what would happen if you had a dental emergency in Azle? When in doubt, be sure to give our team at Rubal Dentistry Azle a call. We can provide you with first-aid guidance and schedule a same-day appointment to fix the issue. For your convenience, we’ve also answered some common questions we receive below.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Some types of discomfort can come and go, depending on what the cause is. These are some of the most common signs that you’re experiencing a dental emergency:

  • Intense, persistent pain
  • Bleeding caused by dental trauma
  • Loose or broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Swelling around the facial area
  • Oral sores that don’t heal within two weeks
  • Severe toothache caused by an infection
  • Loose or broken crown or filling

If you feel as though a symptom is out-of-the-ordinary or warrants immediate attention, it likely does. When you call our office, our team will let you know whether your symptoms require a same-day appointment and provide you with instructions to help ease your pain and prevent further damage until you reach us.

Should I Go to the Hospital or an Emergency Dentist?

If your dental emergency is life-threatening, always visit your local emergency room before you see your dentist in Azle. Problems that make it difficult to swallow or breathe, uncontrollable swelling, jaw fractures or dislocations, deep facial lacerations, or serious tooth infections that occur when our office is closed also warrant urgent medical attention. Once you receive the necessary immediate treatment, you can contact our office so we can take care of all of your dental needs and get your oral health back on track or repair your smile. For any other urgent situation that has to do with your mouth, you can visit our office for fast treatment.

Do I Need to Go to the Emergency Dentist Right Now, Or Can I Wait?

If you feel as though something is dangerous or causing you pain, it’s important to immediately seek emergency help from your dentist. For certain issues, including a tooth infection or knocked-out tooth, time is of the essence, which is why it’s vital to contact us as soon as possible.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Emergencies?

The best way to learn whether your emergency visit will be covered by your dental insurance is to speak directly to your provider. Most treatments vary depending on a variety of factors, including what the diagnosis is and how severe the problem has progressed to. If you need help finding out whether we’re an in-network provider with your insurance or would like to speak about additional financing options, our team at Rubal Dentistry Azle is always here to help!

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